Rubbermaid launches new BRUTE refuse bins


Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) announces the launch of vented BRUTE refuse containers, combining the durability of BRUTE containers with venting and cinching technology and improved ergonomics.

Honeywell expands ANZ reseller network


Honeywell has expanded its Australian and New Zealand reseller network by 34 percent in 2015, expanding the reach of industry-leading scanning and mobility solutions to customers in the collection and delivery, healthcare, field workforce, ports, postal and retail sectors.

Telstra talks digital signage at Integrate 2015


Telstra will discuss the strategy behind its impressive new centrepiece and AV system at its George Street Sydney store, plus the benefits of digital integration to enhance the customer experience at this year’s Integrate Speaker Series, held at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from August 25 to August 27.

Security Expo 2015 leads with cutting edge next-generation products


Held at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre last week, the 30th annual edition of the event hosted over 240 brands from 140 exhibiting companies. The Security Best New Products Awards were judged by a panel of leading security experts including the National Security Director of Thales Australia & New Zealand, Jason Brown.

Waste efficiency soon to be a reality in Sydney's new guidelines


The Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) — a City of Sydney initiative in collaboration with Foresight Environmental – has developed and launched Operational Waste Guidelines to help building owners, property managers and waste companies to work more effectively using a standard across their portfolios.


A case study on upgrading to LED lighting


LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is a fast moving world. Without requiring facility managers to become lighting specialists, the issue is how to navigate the murky sea of product quality assessment and technology jargon to find the best solution.

Workspace privacy and its impact on productivity


In The Power of Workspace for People and Business, the value of privacy in effective workspaces is explored. Privacy at work is like money: no one ever thinks they have enough. Workspace research often asserts that employees are ‘dissatisfied’ with their privacy at work and would like more solitude. What does this mean and how can stakeholders who plan, design and manage workspaces apply this information to value-adding decisions about workspace?

The problem with disruptive technology


How do providers of technology introduce innovations to industry that are so different and new that some companies aren’t ready? What if the changes are significant enough that traditional business models will also need to change to adapt to the new technologies?

Focus on IEQ should begin in schools


There is a huge focus on improving indoor environment quality in our offices, but what about education facilities, especially those in Australia? Findings in Australia have revealed that while office buildings target levels of CO2 at 650 ppm, students in Australian schools are exposed to CO2 levels beyond 3,000 ppm. 

Digital disruption means you can't be complacent with facility management


When the culture of digital disruption first emerged in the 90s not many people would have anticipated it to stick around. We assumed that when the dot-com bubble burst, like turtlenecks, Tamagotchis and other fads of the era, the concept of digitalisation would fade from memory. The opposite has certainly proven to be true.

A paperless way to gain triple ISO certification


Aaron Struhs, General Manager of Essential Safety Solutions reached the tipping point when he realised how much extra paperwork was going to be involved in order gain the Triple Certification they required to remain competitive in the market place.  Aaron recalls thinking to himself, “Surely there has to be a better way”, as the future workload hit home.

Seven ways security can cost your business


Most organisations have a pretty good sense of the potential fallout from security breaches. However, the truth is that data breaches are growing in number, and the financial cost is growing too. The average cost of data breach has nearly doubled in the past five years, from $6.46 million in 2010 to $12.9 million today*.

Energy efficiency a priority among higher education facility leaders in the US


Cost savings drive energy efficiency efforts, but organisational barriers are proving to be an obstacle, a new study finds. According to the study commissioned by Schneider Electric and the Alliance to Save Energy, energy efficiency is recognised among US higher education institutions as key to fulfilling their schools’ core mission

E-waste a hot topic at AWRE 2015


The idea of an e-waste free Australia was a hot topic at this year’s Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo, as the country’s leading experts called for greater cohesion between the industry, government and the community to assist with overcoming this growing problem.


Fire safety: when evacuation isn't an option


When fire breaks out in a highly populated building, the first priority is to ensure occupant safety, normally by quick evacuation. But what happens when the whole purpose of that building is to prevent people from being evacuated?  That’s one of the dilemmas in designing fire safety for prisons.

Corrosion conference with an asset management perspective


The impact of corrosion is spread through all areas of society and how to manage corrosion is a challenge for owners and managers of assets ranging from suburban industrial units through to the Sydney Opera House or a gas production platform on the North West Shelf. Corrosion is a physical threat to infrastructure and personal safety as well as an economic threat to industry and the wider community.

How do you prepare a tech upgrade strategy that's CFO friendly?


A well-planned technology roadmap can help strategically map out investments when presenting a business case to key stakeholders. As budgets tighten across most industries, those people responsible for managing technology solutions in the business face increasing demand from CEOs and CFOs to be able to deliver a return on investment (ROI).

Hire for our future: Let's give disadvantaged kids a leg up


Kennards Hire is preparing to begin their annual charity initiative, ‘Kennards For Kids’, which kicks off on the 1st of September. The hire chain is looking to make life a little easier for sick, injured and disadvantaged kids around Australia and New Zealand.

Security risk assessments – why bother?


Risk is a concept that every facility manager is familiar with.  We take on risk every day when we’re in business: the risk that last week’s client won’t pay their invoice, the risk that an employee will hurt themselves on the job, the risk of defective work that requires expensive corrective action.  Security is often regarded as yet another of the risks to cope with in daily business.


Facility Management is proud to present its Annual Software Guide for 2015, offering readers the most comprehensive overview of software products and suppliers in Australasia’s facilities management sector.

Tork supports FSC Friday 2015


Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Australia and New Zealand will launch a Trans-Tasman campaign in September to encourage businesses to buy products that carry the FSC label as part of the not-for-profit’s global certification scheme that rewards forest friendly growers, manufacturers and retailers.

Case study: Hotel chain reap benefits by running thin clients


When Choice Hotels Australasia made the decision to move away from a traditional PC network, Systems Administrator Boban Lukic found huge savings in energy, maintenance costs and work-hours. Computing power bills have dropped by as much as 80 per cent, and the IT department no longer works overtime on a regular basis.

Johnson Controls sells Global Workplace Solutions to CBRE


 Johnson Controls announced on 1 September that it has completed the sale of its Global Workplace Solutions (GWS) business to CBRE Group for US$1.475 billion. Global Workplace Solutions is one of the world’s largest providers of facilities management services.


Advanced building automation among highlights at Integrate Expo


 Ultra high definition screens, holographic displays and the latest in unified communications, control systems and advanced building automation, Pro AV, Audio and lighting were just some of the technologies on show at Integrate 2015 last week as Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre became a hub of the latest AV technology.

Tackling university demands with Tork


Trying to get a coffee, an elevator or a toilet at twenty past the hour at any university is quite a challenge as lectures and tutorials change over and thousands of students place sudden demands on services, particularly bathrooms. For many years, Deakin University have been using high capacity, reliable Tork products to make sure their… Read more »