Hard facts supporting the need for upskilling in safety


Why upskill in workplace safety skills? With 188 deaths  at work in 2014 at work and the average lost time for someone with a work related injury or illness being 5.4 weeks, there is certainly plenty of room for improvement within our workplaces and the need for more people to be trained as Workplace Health and Safety specialists.

New trend: HR outsourcing in Australian facilities


Traditionally, outsourced talent and management services have been the domain of larger enterprises and corporate entities. Among smaller and medium-sized companies, which of course includes many facilities around the country, hiring and managing a workforce generally falls to each departmental head.

How to negotiate an office lease, tips for property managers


No matter how well you perform your due diligence when qualifying prospective tenants, occasionally less than ideal tenants slip through. Commercial property managers have an important responsibility to negotiate a lease that ensures them the best possible protection from tenants who might destroy property or fail to pay their lease on time… or at all.

How to cut workplace fatigue and boost productivity


A fatigue management system, underpinned by workforce management technology, can boost bottom lines. Workplace fatigue can be a serious safety concern for the facility management industry. Tired workers are less alert and are unlikely to perform at optimum speed or efficiency.

Plumbing: What lies around the bend


It’s time to take a closer look at the importance of water conservation, and an effective design strategy to prevent missteps in future upgrades to the plumbing system in your building.

Achieving effective security on a tight budget


Building owners and facilities managers work in an increasingly challenging climate, faced with expenditure cuts, they still have to keep critical services like security in top form. Learn from ASSA ABLOY, leader in access control solutions, how to create a welcoming and secure environment for your organisation, while factoring in budget restrictions.

Start-up aims to make local power services more reliable


Richard McIndoe, former CEO of energy giant Energy Australia has launched a start-up that looks set to shake-up the energy industry and help customers save money. In a bid to help businesses lower their electricity bills and reduce carbon emissions, McIndoe’s new venture – Edge Electrons – has partnered with Flex, the leading sketch-to-scale solutions company that designs and builds intelligent products for a connected world.

Growing the property industry through green building


As a landmark report and campaign underscores the significance of Australia’s property industry to jobs and economic prosperity, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) calls on governments to grow the property industry through green building. 


Elevator safety: Hollywood myths head for a fall


Schindler Lifts explains the inner workings and safety mechanisms that make taking the elevator the safest form of mass transport. The myth of free-falling elevators, doors closing on people and elevator cars rapidly ascending severing limbs or worse. Most of these are freak accidents, and the result of negligence, but misconceptions abound.

10 tips to optimise electrical switchgear equipment


Switchgear often fails because it has degraded into unsatisfactory condition prematurely. Performing proper maintenance can reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and extend the useful life of electrical equipment. This report presents 10 practical tips to optimise the performance and therefore enhance the reliability of electrical switchgear equipment.

Research-led design a practical approach to aged care facilities


The word ‘institution’ conjures up many associations in aged care – most of them negative. However, institutions such as universities, student housing and science research organisations have many things in common with the aged care sector, and share similar challenges. Although they are usually run like businesses, it is the human values and a research-led design approach that drive much of their activity.

New magazine: Corporate Waste Solutions launching in March 2016


A new bi-monthly magazine scheduled for its print launch in March 2016, Corporate Waste Solutions (CWS) will be the only trade magazine in Australia to offer solutions-based information to a customer-centric readership. It will cover a broad mix of topics and themes, including hard waste and waste water management, recycling and sustainability issues. CWS is dedicated to providing business solutions and charting the latest trends and innovations which facilitate collecting, sorting and processing waste from the municipal, commercial and construction sectors.

Using technology to empower field technicians


The speed of technological change continues to gather pace, delivering substantial advantages to companies that embrace this unstoppable business dynamic. It’s important to acknowledge that businesses that have a commitment to embedding new technologies in their operations benefit from efficiency gains and heightened competitive advantage.


Corrosion and prevention conference in Adelaide 15-18 November


Corrosion has a major economic impact on industry and the wider community. How to manage this corrosion is a challenge for owners and managers of assets ranging from suburban industrial units through to oil and gas production platforms. In order to promote a better understanding of corrosion, the Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) will host the Corrosion and Prevention 2015 (C&P2015) Conference that allows all industry stakeholders to meet and discuss a wide range of topics.

FM market development: An ANZ perspective


Research in an ISS white paper titled ‘Perspectives on the FM market development’ found that the Worldwide FM outsourcing market is expected to grow from US$959 billion in 2012 to US$1.3 trillion by 2018, with growth evident across global markets from North America and Europe to Latin America and Asia Pacific. This demand is now coming from both the public and private sectors. The changing economy in the Asia Pacific region requires a new way of thinking about the way facility management services are delivered.

6 ways to improve time management with FSM


Time management is something that doesn’t come with many people, but it is a skill that every manager should possess. Beyond handling their own time, managers are the one responsible for how their employees spend theirs. Finding time to finish whatever it is that needs to be done–especially when there is a boatload of things to do–may sometimes seem impossible.

Speech intelligibility: sound systems for emergency purposes


Sound Systems for Emergency Purposes (SSEP) are an integral part of a building’s life safety system. They are an essential means of communicating directions to a building’s occupants during a fire situation so that safe and efficient evacuation may take place. SSEP in larger or more complex buildings often rely on spoken directions as part of the evacuation procedure, where it is of critical importance that the message being presented is readily intelligible to all occupants. Needless to say, if speech intelligibility is poor, occupant safety is at risk.

Knowing your rights as a tenant in NSW


Know your rights as a tenant in NSW? Jackson+Rowe details all tenants need to know about their rights. Find out what landlords need to disclose, the costs tenants should know about, things to note when moving in, and what to do if one needs to end a tenancy.

Three-pronged approach to data centre security


Facilities today face unique challenges to ensure the security of both physical and digital assets. Whether a data centre supports a single client or provides hosted services for thousands, managers are responsible for the sensitive information their users or customers rely on to conduct their business.

Brookfield Multiplex Master Builders award for Martin Place landmark


Leading global contractor Brookfield Multiplex has been named ‘National Commercial Master Builder of the Year’ and received the ‘National Commercial Historical Restoration/Renovation Award’ at this year’s Master Builders Australia’s (MBA) National Excellence in Building Awards, for its extensive refurbishment of Macquarie Group’s global headquarters at 50 Martin Place.

Xtralis VESDA-E fire protectors protects Chadstone shopping complex


The Chadstone shopping complex located in Melbourne, Australia is the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere. It has recently undergone a $600 million expansion and part of the works involved a complete redevelopment of the northern part of the complex, which includes a four-level glass-roofed atrium. The high ceiling of the northern expansion, as well as the unusual curvature of the glass atrium, presented a fire detection challenge.


Facility Management is proud to present its Annual Software Guide for 2015, offering readers the most comprehensive overview of software products and suppliers in Australasia’s facilities management sector.

ISS announce leadership changes for Pacific region


ISS Facility Services has announced that Dane Hudson, current CEO of ISS Australia and New Zealand, has been promoted to Regional CEO for ISS in Asia Pacific. Through another internal promotion, Scott Davies will become CEO for Australia and New Zealand as of 2nd January 2016.

Future trends for the facilities management industry


How is the industry changing? What are the biggest challenges are on the road ahead? Facilities management was not even recognised as an industry until the early 1980s when the IFMA (International Facility Management Association) was formed. It began as a role that married the physical assets of buildings with the intangible and generally ill-defined collection of services that were performed on and in those buildings.

Case study: CAFM and IWMS serves the NSW Parliament


CAFM and IWMS software have streamlined maintenance job-logging processes, creating efficiencies and reducing the risk of failed calls. The Parliament of New South Wales, Australia’s first and oldest parliament, has occupied the Macquarie Street site in Sydney since 1829. Parliament House, which is recognised for its significant Heritage, is the meeting place of the two Houses of the Parliament of New South Wales (NSW). The Legislative Council was established in 1824 and the Legislative Assembly in 1843.

Venturing into a data-driven culture of asset management


Ageing assets and workforce, an influx of networked micro-grids, and the proliferation of intelligent devices that form the smart-grid on the traditional power grid are challenging utilities to identify more effective and efficient processes to manage and monitor their critical assets—and to do so with high safety, reliability and compliance.


Maximise energy efficiency in summer

vending machine

We look at five essential steps to reducing operational costs and save energy during the quieter months when education facilities and schools are empty or mostly empty. With summer in full swing, schools across the nation have almost two months before students return. Despite empty or mostly empty facilities, many schools often continue to use more energy than needed during the slower summer months.