The new safety lexicon


Marc McLaren of Generative HSE ponders over a growing disconnection between safety management systems and what happens in practice.

Security Expo, 15-17 July, in Melbourne


This year Australasia’s premier security industry event, the Security Exhibition & Conference, celebrates 30 years of security innovation. Join us in Melbourne from 15-17 July to get an overview of the ever evolving industry and see how it’s developed over the past three decades. 

Tesla's power to disrupt: Is this the end for fossil fuels?


Tesla Energy, the energy arm of automotive company Tesla Motors, is on the path to disruption.  Bets are on Tesla’s Powerwall and Powerpack — aimed at homes and businesses respectively — to revolutionise the  industry, making sustainable energy the norm of the (near) future.

Five steps to a successful FM outsourcing strategy


Managing a diverse and ageing property portfolio within a tight budget is a challenging task. Surprises are the last thing you need. The usual questions that come up are: what assets do I have, what condition are they in, how must they perform, how much money do I need/have, and who will I get to deliver the FM services?

But, somehow, things still don’t go according to the plan. What could be missing? We need to look beyond just the physical assets and ask some other questions. Let’s look at the five most important, and sometimes omitted, things to consider.

Training in soft skills benefit service technicians


It’s no secret that some sites need to be managed more sensitively than others. Hospitals and schools, for example, require an empathetic and thoughtful approach. And there is no more sensitive site than an aged care facility, where residents may become confused as service providers and maintenance workers traipse in and out of what is, fundamentally, their home.

South East Asia's energy crisis


Businesses across South East Asia (SEA) are facing ever-evolving challenges – from growing demand, diminishing supplies and a mounting interest in sustainability, business are finding it increasingly difficult to remain efficient while achieving their sustainability goals.


Workplace fatigue: Is your business losing money to tired employees?


Fatigue is a common problem in the facilities management industry. Yet, many companies are failing to recognise workplace fatigue as a critical business risk and cost. There is increasing pressure  on facility workers to perform and to adopt a “do more with less” attitude — which means fatigue is a growing problem for facility workers. 

Waste matters at AWRE 2015


Industry members and thought leaders will be talking trash, in its various forms, at this year’s Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo (AWRE) when the trade event returns to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from August 12 to 13. 

Maximise savings with smarter energy management systems

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Improving energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective strategies a company can use to manage rising energy costs. A robust, and well-planned and executed energy management system can drive significant cost savings, and mitigate against price volatility in the energy market. With best practices in place, the Return on Investment (ROI) easily pays for the cost of installing and operating an energy management system.

Hays releases facilities management salary guide


Employers will transition away from higher levels of temporary and contract roles back to more permanent positions in the year ahead, but recruiting experts Hays Facilities Management warns FM professionals not to expect big salary increases during this period.

Aligning business values and the benefits of good occupational health and safety


Safe and healthy working conditions enhance productivity and reduce costs. This maxim may be obvious to a layperson, but when it comes to business owners, they often end up ignoring it, much to their own peril.

Many a times, business owners, senior and middle management, get blinded by the costs of implementing better working conditions for their people that they are unable to see the benefits that come from a safer workplace with lower injury costs, higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved staff retention and much more.

Cost-efficient green energy and storage for facilities in remote locations


Solar energy cells have achieved enormous efficiency gains in recent years, converting in research a world record 46 per cent of sunlight being generated into electricity.

And even if you can’t buy such advanced photovoltaics off the shelf just yet, there are mighty advances already taking place out in the field where high-efficiency solar arrays are making green energy far more economically sustainable than ever before.


Benefits of paperless compliance application


Diligent inspections and routine maintenance are global necessities and the fundamentals of safety and compliance in the workplace. Implementation of a digital or electronic inspection work-flow can contribute to the overall safety compliance of an organisation and, by extension, the mitigation of workplace injury. 

Is your business losing money to workplace fatigue?


Fatigue is a common problem in the facilities management industry. Yet, many companies are failing to recognise workplace fatigue as a critical business risk and cost.  Increasing pressure to perform and a ‘do more with less’ attitude means that fatigue is a growing problem for facility workers.

Evolution of the psychosocially healthy, productive workplace


A critical review of the current but rapidly changing state of the workplace, in all its physical, virtual and connected forms, is needed. Of particular interest is the make-up of both the psychosocially healthy and productive environment, given the impact of a constant drive for cost-effective physical and virtual spaces that must simultaneously marry with usability issues and employee attraction for more flexible and healthier working conditions.

Coles gains certification for first sustainable supermarket


Coles has achieved the first Green Star rating for a supermarket, with Coles Hallam in south east Melbourne awarded a 4 Star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). “Coles was determined to develop a ‘supermarket of the future’ – and in doing so, has set a new benchmark for sustainable supermarket design in Australia,” says the GBCA’s Chief Executive Officer, Romilly Madew.

BIM: A boost for Christchurch in post-earthquake rebuild


Building Information Modelling, better known as BIM, is the future of the construction industry. In basic terms, using BIM, a building is digitally designed from the ground up in three dimensions (3D). The major players – contractors and designers, architects and engineers – work using one data platform, one common language, one 3D design.

How safe is your carpark facility?


Car parks are often unassuming facilities, but they can be hazardous environments due to a high level of vehicle and pedestrian activity and thus must be managed with extreme care.

Fire detection systems for high-risk facilities


In many countries, solid household waste is now being collected and carried to waste incineration plants, rather than being dumped directly in a landfill site. The waste is stored in so-called waste bunkers or transfer stations until it can be destroyed. These waste bunkers can contain thousands of metric tons of solid waste which is potentially self-combustible and subject to fire. Self-combustion, (heat development due to pressure) and spontaneous chemical reactions between the disposals and methane gas-building are all potential fire creators and concerns at these plants.

Gainsborough boosts warehouse efficiency with voice solutions


Gainsborough Hardware Industries (GHI) is an Australian company founded in 1967 that forms part of the Door & Access Systems division for the GWA Group. The company integrated Honeywell’s Vocollect voice solutions to improve efficiency, accuracy and visibility in its warehouses.


Facility Management is proud to present its Annual Software Guide for 2015, offering readers the most comprehensive overview of software products and suppliers in Australasia’s facilities management sector.

Integrated facility services deliver value and savings to the bottom line


Companies are looking at their facility assets and services with an increasingly strategic point of view, and are looking for ways to focus their resources on their company’s core mission and values. Senior leaders are exploring ways to leverage their facility assets and services to support and even enhance their core business while minimising their costs.

Technology is not the biggest security problem, people are


There is a common misconception that technology poses the biggest security risk to business, but it is just one part of the problem. Often, companies leave themselves vulnerable to information breaches despite technology, but there are ways to lessen the risk.