New NABERS Indoor Environment tool launched


The NABERS National Administrator today announced that the much anticipated upgrades to their NABERS Indoor Environment (IE) tool have been released, and are now available to building owners and tenants across Australia as part of a pilot.

V/Line switches to Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth


Maintaining a fleet of maintenance trucks and equipment is a tough job, particularly when the fleet is flat out supporting Australia’s largest regional passenger and freight train tracks. V/Line made a switch from rags to Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth to ease its daily encounter with grease.

Taking the temperature of retrofitting in the public sector


According to a recent report by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), the energy consumption of the Federal Government’s office buildings and assets equates to almost 1.8 million tonnes of carbon and 7.8 million gigajoules of energy per year. Improving the energy efficiency of these buildings could not only save thousands of tonnes of carbon, but also save millions in taxpayer dollars every year.

‘Future workplace will be more socially driven'


Award-winning international workplace design researcher and architect Dr Donna Wheatley, who joined architecture practice Warren and Mahoney last year, believes that workplace design should not just be company-centred, but also aim to motivate people and promote their aspirations to ensure the overall success of the organisation.

Managing Melbourne Star against corrosion

melbourne star

One of the newest tourist attractions in Melbourne, the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel is a mammoth structure built using roughly 1200 tonnes of steel. Owing to the material and its close proximity to the ocean, both factors that are hugely affected by corrosion complexities, preservation of the structure was a major consideration in the design specification.

SAMBA to improve office-building comfort


A group of researchers from the University of Sydney’s Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Lab, part of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, has developed a world-leading technology to measure and improve the indoor human comfort factor of office buildings – SAMBA.


Containerised FAST wastewater treatment


The packaged aerobic wastewater plants Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment (FAST) process is the latest in the range of wastewater treatment equipment from CST Wastewater Solutions. FAST is a portable solution to wastewater treatment, offering easy transport, installation and operation with minimal engineering and maintenance.

Contactless smart cards – the better way to safer medical centres

Healthcare feature

Over the past few years, the healthcare sector has become increasingly dependent upon information technology. Contactless smart card technology has been used for many years in other industries, and is now helping to solve some longstanding thorny issues in the healthcare sector – safeguarding patients and staff, and protecting confidential patient information.

Compliant commercial door automation


Large commercial doors are often the largest moving objects in factories, warehouses and carparks. Large doors can pose potential risks to employee health and safety as well as damage to property.

Best practices keep BMS safe from cyber attacks


“Cyber crime is a $400 billion criminal enterprise worldwide — making it bigger than global drug trafficking.”

The last two decades have seen tremendous growth in the integration of building management systems. With networked information systems becoming more commonplace, facilities managers of buildings that often include access points to corporate or organisational networks must be vigilant of the risk of cyber attacks on their Building Management Systems (BMS).

The new safety lexicon


Marc McLaren of Generative HSE ponders over a growing disconnection between safety management systems and what happens in practice.

Security Expo, 15-17 July, in Melbourne


This year Australasia’s premier security industry event, the Security Exhibition & Conference, celebrates 30 years of security innovation. Join us in Melbourne from 15-17 July to get an overview of the ever evolving industry and see how it’s developed over the past three decades. 


Tesla's power to disrupt: Is this the end for fossil fuels?


Tesla Energy, the energy arm of automotive company Tesla Motors, is on the path to disruption.  Bets are on Tesla’s Powerwall and Powerpack — aimed at homes and businesses respectively — to revolutionise the  industry, making sustainable energy the norm of the (near) future.

Five steps to a successful FM outsourcing strategy


Managing a diverse and ageing property portfolio within a tight budget is a challenging task. Surprises are the last thing you need. The usual questions that come up are: what assets do I have, what condition are they in, how must they perform, how much money do I need/have, and who will I get to deliver the FM services?

But, somehow, things still don’t go according to the plan. What could be missing? We need to look beyond just the physical assets and ask some other questions. Let’s look at the five most important, and sometimes omitted, things to consider.

Training in soft skills benefit service technicians


It’s no secret that some sites need to be managed more sensitively than others. Hospitals and schools, for example, require an empathetic and thoughtful approach. And there is no more sensitive site than an aged care facility, where residents may become confused as service providers and maintenance workers traipse in and out of what is, fundamentally, their home.

South East Asia's energy crisis


Businesses across South East Asia (SEA) are facing ever-evolving challenges – from growing demand, diminishing supplies and a mounting interest in sustainability, business are finding it increasingly difficult to remain efficient while achieving their sustainability goals.


Facility Management is proud to present its Annual Software Guide for 2015, offering readers the most comprehensive overview of software products and suppliers in Australasia’s facilities management sector.

Workplace fatigue: Is your business losing money to tired employees?


Fatigue is a common problem in the facilities management industry. Yet, many companies are failing to recognise workplace fatigue as a critical business risk and cost. There is increasing pressure  on facility workers to perform and to adopt a “do more with less” attitude — which means fatigue is a growing problem for facility workers. 

Waste matters at AWRE 2015


Industry members and thought leaders will be talking trash, in its various forms, at this year’s Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo (AWRE) when the trade event returns to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from August 12 to 13. 


Clipsal by Schneider Electric's USB charger


Designed in Australia, Clipsal by Schneider Electric’s innovative USB charger offers adaptability, efficiency and reliability in one convenient universal mechanism. Providing up to 1.2 amps, it is efficient in charging times with minimal stand-by energy consumption.