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New trend: HR outsourcing in Australian facilities

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Traditionally, outsourced talent and management services have been the domain of larger enterprises and corporate entities. Among smaller and medium-sized companies, which of course includes many facilities around the country, hiring and managing a workforce generally falls to each departmental head.

New workshop makes case for energy efficiency

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A new workshop designed to assist energy managers make the case for energy efficiency projects in their business has been organised by the Energy Efficiency Council and ClimateWorks Australia.

The paradigm shift: bringing BIM technology to FM

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While the concept of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is not new in design and construction, 3D BIM technology is starting to gain traction in facility management (FM) providing real benefits to asset owners and operators over the long-term.

What goes around, comes around in sustainability

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The Circular Economy is a growing movement in business around the world; the concept is based on rethinking the current ‘take, make, dispose’ model where resources are used then sent to landfill. By recycling, repurposing or reusing instead, resources can be saved, and costs and energy reduced.

What is the role of FM in healthcare compliance?

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Compliance management is often associated with risk management and has an inherent reactive nature, prompting significant effort to ensure scope coverage of regulatory, performance or institutional requirements, when a potential gap is identified.

Why facility managers need to take wireless security more seriously

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Why do facility managers need to take cyber threats more seriously and not leave it solely in the care of IT security providers? With IT security breaches on the rise, the facility management (FM) sector is at particular risk. This means that the ‘good enough’ approach needs to go.

US LEED-rated buildings may still be energy hogs

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A recent report by the US Green Building Council shows that more and more large buildings are earning LEED certification. LEED—which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design—is a suite of architectural metrics for things like energy and water conservation. These days, it’s the most common standard for designating a building as being environmentally friendly.

Workplace health: Sitting is bad for you, but do you know why?

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Sitting in a chair all day is not the deciding factor on your health. Yes, sitting at a desk all day in an air-conditioned office building with no natural light will predispose you to injury, but it won’t determine it completely, so the question remains: what are you doing to help yourself? There are some very… Read more »

Maintenance steps to keep false fire alarms at bay

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Incidences of false fire alarms are a bugbear for facility managers, with several states enforcing fines for them. Building owners and managers are being urged to take a closer look at their fire safety maintenance schedules in a bid to address a rising number of false fire alarms.