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Five emerging access control security trends for 2016

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Maintaining secure access control systems continues to be increasingly important for FM providers as emerging technologies impact the marketplace. With 2016 now upon us, HID Global’s Director of Sales, Steve Katanas has identified five trends that FM providers should consider in the year ahead.

Absenteeism in the Australian workplace

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Absenteeism is an unavoidable reality for every business, but in Australia, this is not so much a problem as an epidemic. Statistics show that, every day, 5 percent of the Australian workforce calls in sick, and it is estimated that the economy loses $33billion a year in payroll costs and lost productivity.

Let’s talk AFL: agreement for lease

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The purpose and intent of agreement for lease is not widely understood, but issues can arise. Here, some practical and commercial issues are outlined.

What is your next career move?

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The start to a new year often heralds thoughts of a career change. Here’s five tips that will help hone your career management plan.

Fire safety system failure and the impact on your business

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The dangers of failing to maintain a building’s fire protection system and associated equipment has been in the media spotlight of late.  Paul Angus discusses the significance of fire and life safety and how it may impact your business.

Practise mindfulness this holiday season to ensure a productive year ahead

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The mindfulness wave is sweeping across the Australian corporate world with Google, IBM, Telstra and SBS all undertaking corporate-based mindfulness programs. The holiday break is an important time for recuperation in preparation for the year ahead, reinforcing the importance of practising mindfulness throughout the holidays.

‘Reshaping’ processing plants to reduce pathogen risks

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With news of more food processing facilities pulling product off the market and being temporarily shuttered due to potential contamination from Listeria Monocytogenes in the United States, the issue of plant sanitation, as well as design and construction, is at the forefront.

Take action with passive fire protection

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Wormald_Building 1

Passive fire protection strategy is an ongoing process. Here are the key areas to pay attention to in order to ensure fire-prevention measures meet industry standards.

Mind the (generation) gap

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Different business habits

Managing across generations at work can be a daunting task, so how do you communicate and lead a team of Baby Boomers, Gen Xs and Millennials effectively?