Smartlight for screen environments


UPDATE: Brightgreen has successfully raised $60,000 via Kickstarter to fund Luto, its low-energy screen-mounted smartlight that aims to reduce monitor users’ eyestrain and fatigue.

New BoM tool helps plan for heatwaves


As Australia struggles through a sweltering start to the new year, a new Bureau of Meteorology tool showing heatwave forecasts is set to make life easier for facility managers needing to implement extreme-weather action plans.

Efficiency programs a major factor in falling electricity consumption


The fall in electricity consumption in Australia over the past three years is mainly due to the impact of energy efficiency programs, a shift in the economy away from electricity-intensive industries, and the response of consumers to higher electricity prices, according to Dr Hugh Saddler, Principal Consultant, Energy Strategies, at pitt&sherry.

More options for bespoke wallcoverings


The options for fully customised wallpapers, wallcoverings, wall murals and canvas prints have widened with HP’s expansion of its digital printing solution for commercial, retail and residential spaces.