Charting the sea of FM software-speak


The facility management sector is awash with acronyms, especially in the technology sphere with CAFM, CMMS, EAMS, FMIS, IWMS and MMS bandied around with increasing ease, if not understanding.

Facility management via app


Released in March 2014 for iOS, and soon to be available for Android, PocketFM is a mobile work management app designed primarily for the facilities, maintenance and trades industries.

Automated warehousing for fast fashion


The recent rise of rapid turnover low-cost clothing retailing – ‘fast fashion’ – has triggered a global demand for quicker and more efficient logistics and distribution operations within the apparel industry.

Interactive mini billboards


Technology and consumer expectations have advanced to the point where static posters and billboards are quickly being replaced by digital interactive displays. One company has just released a range of 10-inch digital ePosters that offer state-of-the-art features.

Making equipment evaluation easier


A company that manufactures and distributes medical imaging equipment has constructed a Customer Experience Centre in Melbourne. It includes a fully functioning operating theatre and enables hands-on experience of the latest versions of equipment and software.