Honeywell expands ANZ reseller network


Honeywell has expanded its Australian and New Zealand reseller network by 34 percent in 2015, expanding the reach of industry-leading scanning and mobility solutions to customers in the collection and delivery, healthcare, field workforce, ports, postal and retail sectors.

Rubbermaid launches new BRUTE refuse bins


Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) announces the launch of vented BRUTE refuse containers, combining the durability of BRUTE containers with venting and cinching technology and improved ergonomics.

Security Expo 2015 in Melbourne, one week to go


With just about a week to go until the event, which returns to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from July 15 to July 17, Security 2015 Event Manager, Alanna Phillips, encouraged anyone looking for an edge in the industry to register now or risk falling behind on the latest business security solutions. 

Technology is not the biggest security problem, people are


There is a common misconception that technology poses the biggest security risk to business, but it is just one part of the problem. Often, companies leave themselves vulnerable to information breaches despite technology, but there are ways to lessen the risk.

Fire detection systems for high-risk facilities


In many countries, solid household waste is now being collected and carried to waste incineration plants, rather than being dumped directly in a landfill site. The waste is stored in so-called waste bunkers or transfer stations until it can be destroyed. These waste bunkers can contain thousands of metric tons of solid waste which is potentially self-combustible and subject to fire. Self-combustion, (heat development due to pressure) and spontaneous chemical reactions between the disposals and methane gas-building are all potential fire creators and concerns at these plants.

BIM: A boost for Christchurch in post-earthquake rebuild


Building Information Modelling, better known as BIM, is the future of the construction industry. In basic terms, using BIM, a building is digitally designed from the ground up in three dimensions (3D). The major players – contractors and designers, architects and engineers – work using one data platform, one common language, one 3D design.

Coles gains certification for first sustainable supermarket


Coles has achieved the first Green Star rating for a supermarket, with Coles Hallam in south east Melbourne awarded a 4 Star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). “Coles was determined to develop a ‘supermarket of the future’ – and in doing so, has set a new benchmark for sustainable supermarket design in Australia,” says the GBCA’s Chief Executive Officer, Romilly Madew.

Is your business losing money to workplace fatigue?


Fatigue is a common problem in the facilities management industry. Yet, many companies are failing to recognise workplace fatigue as a critical business risk and cost.  Increasing pressure to perform and a ‘do more with less’ attitude means that fatigue is a growing problem for facility workers.

Aligning business values and the benefits of good occupational health and safety


Safe and healthy working conditions enhance productivity and reduce costs. This maxim may be obvious to a layperson, but when it comes to business owners, they often end up ignoring it, much to their own peril.

Many a times, business owners, senior and middle management, get blinded by the costs of implementing better working conditions for their people that they are unable to see the benefits that come from a safer workplace with lower injury costs, higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved staff retention and much more.

Hays releases facilities management salary guide


Employers will transition away from higher levels of temporary and contract roles back to more permanent positions in the year ahead, but recruiting experts Hays Facilities Management warns FM professionals not to expect big salary increases during this period.