Recycling fluorescents and globes

By on June 9, 2011 in Green Zone

Lamp recycling now as ‘ezy’ as posting a letter. A new convenient service that returns used mercury-bearing, end-of-life fluorescent tubes and globes for recycling is now available Australia-wide.

Mercury (Hg) is a known toxic metallic element that leaches from landfill into the water table and ultimately to the food chain. And one of the most common landfill culprits throughout Australia is the annual dumping of 70+ million used globes and fluorescent tubes that find their way there.
Both commercial and residential users indicate they feel very ‘uncomfortable’ about smashing used fluoro tubes and globes but until recently had been forced to turn a blind eye to the problem, as no simple collection solution was available.
In 2009, the Federal Government introduced its FluoroCycle initiative and the market is now seeing the introduction of market initiatives to assist that program.
Innovative local company Lamp Recyclers Pty Ltd has introduced its Ezy-Return recycling packs, which use the logistic services of Australia Post to maximise the efficiency of recovering spent lamps nationally.

The Ezy-Return packs come in two forms, one that holds 60 standard fluoro tubes, while the other takes some 60–90 globes of mixed-size.
When the pre-paid Ezy-Return packs are full, the user seals the inner bag, tapes the carton and simply hands the pack over the counter at any of Australia Post’s 4500+ outlets nationally.
The other breakthrough with this service is that it costs the same to return the packs for recycling from Port Hedland in Western Australia’s far north-west, as it does from Sydney or Melbourne.
All packs are individually barcoded and an Environmental Compliance Certificate is included for proof of recycling.
Ezy-Return packs can be purchased from the Lamp Recyclers website or selected electrical wholesalers.

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