Digital disruption means you can't be complacent with facility management


When the culture of digital disruption first emerged in the 90s not many people would have anticipated it to stick around. We assumed that when the dot-com bubble burst, like turtlenecks, Tamagotchis and other fads of the era, the concept of digitalisation would fade from memory. The opposite has certainly proven to be true.

ABW, modern workplaces, and challenges for facility managers


Activity based working (ABW) has moved from being a buzzword to becoming a must-have. Most recently, Medibank’s new headquarters at 720 Bourke Street, unofficially Melbourne’s latest landmark, has shown the industry how a well-planned and executed ABW fitout can benefit building occupants and avoid the issues that usually accompany collaborative spaces – niggles around cleanliness, noise and the use of common areas.

Integrated facility services deliver value and savings to the bottom line


Companies are looking at their facility assets and services with an increasingly strategic point of view, and are looking for ways to focus their resources on their company’s core mission and values. Senior leaders are exploring ways to leverage their facility assets and services to support and even enhance their core business while minimising their costs.

Hays releases facilities management salary guide


Employers will transition away from higher levels of temporary and contract roles back to more permanent positions in the year ahead, but recruiting experts Hays Facilities Management warns FM professionals not to expect big salary increases during this period.

Five steps to a successful FM outsourcing strategy


Managing a diverse and ageing property portfolio within a tight budget is a challenging task. Surprises are the last thing you need. The usual questions that come up are: what assets do I have, what condition are they in, how must they perform, how much money do I need/have, and who will I get to deliver the FM services?

But, somehow, things still don’t go according to the plan. What could be missing? We need to look beyond just the physical assets and ask some other questions. Let’s look at the five most important, and sometimes omitted, things to consider.

Total Facilities 2015: Achieve high performance with technology


On the first day of the Total Facilities exhibition on 25 March 2015 Facility Management magazine caught up with several experts from various sectors relevant to facility management for exclusive interviews and discussions where they shared trends for running more sustainable keynotes facilities and also shed light on the challenges facing an industry on the brink of a technological revolution, although it may not yet be ready to culturally embrace this sea change.

Do you have too many tiers?


Low-tier data centres have the potential to be more efficient: less redundancy means less equipment, less cost, less power. With this in mind, are they a strategic opportunity in today’s climate, asks TOM TOWNSEND, networks and data centre manager, Information and Technology Management (ITM), University of Canberra.